Scientists have discovered the continent, which disappeared millions of years ago.


Scientists discovered parts of the lost continent in Spain, which ranges in the mountains from Spain to Iran. According to the National Geographic report, this continent called Greater Adria was submerged under land and sea after a collision with Europe. While its debris took the form of mountains, and it still exists today millions of years later. Mountain scientist from Spain to Iran.

Parts of this lost continent have been discovered. Investigations revealed that mountainous rivers in Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Southeast Europe were possible after a collision with Greater Adria. Leader and Professor of the Research Team at the University of the Netherlands, Dave.

The danger to the Mediterranean is, in fact, geographical, everything is tilted, broken and scattered, Hinesburg said. Greater Adria was once part of Gondwana’s ancient super-continent, later divided into Africa, Antarctica, South America, Australia, and Asia and major parts of the Middle East. Separating from Gondwana, it formed a continent, but much of it sank under the sea, and scientists believed that the continent became a group of vessels that resembled Britain or the Philippines. The subcontinent began to move northward and collided with Europe 10-12 million years ago and began to fall downward, but since some of its rocks were very light, they did not disappear under the ground.

Mountain rivers such as the Alps were drained, and these fragments were completed in millions or millions of years as each continent, at a speed of only 4 centimeters, fell to a depth of 60 miles. Incidents are mysterious that their remains have spread from Western Europe to the Middle East.

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