Saudi Arabia: Foreign men and women allowed to have a room together


Saudi Arabia: Foreign men and women allowed to have a room together

Saudi Arabia: Foreign men and women allowed to have a room together | The most important Islamic country, Saudi Arabia, announced for the first time in September last month that foreign women were also exempted from wearing the abaya.

And now Saudi Arabia announces to facilitate foreigners to attract more tourists.

Saudi Arabia’s government is allowing foreign tourists, unidentified men and women to go to a hotel in the same room. Under the new law, any foreign man or woman can have any person of the opposite sex with them after being taken out of the hotel after being hired. Under the new law, a foreign foreign-married woman will not be able to stay after receiving a tourist room and will not be required to provide any documentation of how the woman is treated.

The report quoted the Arabic newspaper ‘Ocaz’ as saying that Saudi Arabia’s ‘Commission for Tourism and National Culture Heritage’ has confirmed that no foreign man or woman is present in the room with any abuse. Was. No need to submit documents. At the same time, the Commission made it clear that under the new rules, women in Saudi Arabia have also been given the option of obtaining a hotel room, but they will have to disclose their identity when acquiring a room.

Previously, local women in Saudi Arabia were only given hotel rooms when they were given written permission from a man in the house. Under this new law, where local women can rent hotel rooms, foreign women will be abusive when entering a hotel without any identity.

The Saudi government has introduced the convenience of issuing online visas to 49 countries around the world from September 28 last month, where Saudi tourists have made it easier for tourists. Dozens of Muslim countries including Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, and Egypt are not included in the online visa-issuing countries, while Indians will not be able to provide online visas.

Before the Saudi government allows foreigners to leave, only people from Muslim countries can go there for Hajj and Umrah, or they can go to Saudi Arabia whose relatives were based there.

The Saudi government’s recent initiatives are expected to generate 100 million tourists annually for tourism, and the project will generate 100,000 new jobs.

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