Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor encountered a problem


Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor encountered a problem

Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint sensor encountered a problem|Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S10 has received complaints about fingerprint sensors and the company has promised to release software updates soon. According to Reuters news agency, a British user told local media that the Galaxy S10 has encountered a bug that unlocks the device with a fingerprint instead of the user.
This user purchased a third-party screen protector, after which her husband locked the phone with his fingerprint, though his fingerprints were not registered on the device.

Samsung took notice of this issue in a customer support app, while South Korean online bank Kaka Bank advises users to lock or unlock the phone in the Galaxy S10 until the issue is resolved. Yes it does
The Galaxy S10 Samsung was the first phone with a fingerprint sensor on display for consumers since March this year and the company has called it a revolutionary feature of biometric authentication.

It’s not really clear what the problem is, but the Galaxy S10 Ultra Snake Sensor has been used to detect fingerprints. Plastic or silicone screen protectors may be affected by this and that is why Samsung has been advised that consumers buy approved protectors. While we are investigating this matter, we advise all of our customers to use Samsung approved products that are fully tailored for Samsung issues.

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