Samsung Galaxy A90 5G


Samsung Galaxy A90 FiveG

Samsung Galaxy A90 FiveG | Galaxy A905G is the first premium mid-range smartphone from Samsung to support next-generation technology. So far, Samsung has introduced three Five-Go smartphones. These are the Galaxy S10 FiveG, Galaxy Note 10 FiveG and Galaxy Note 10 Plus Five G. Now Samsung has introduced another Five G smartphone. The Galaxy A90 FiveGu is Samsung’s first premium mid-range smartphone that supports next-generation technology. The Galaxy A90 FiveG has 6 / 8GB RAM with Snapdragon 855 SC.

The smartphone has Android pie software and 128GB storage. Its 6GB RAM version also has a MicroSD slot, which can expand storage up to 512GB. The Galaxy A90 FiveG has a 6.7-inch Full HD Plus Super Emulated Infinity A display. The fingerprint scanner is also included in the same display. At the top of the display is the cutout 32-megapixel selfie camera. The triple camera setup on the back of the phone has a 48-megapixel main camera, an ultra-wide 8 megapixel and a depth sensor 5 megapixels. The rear camera will also have several features such as a super study, a scan optimizer, and a flow detector. The front camera will also have a live focus mode. The Samsung AX5 is also supported in the Galaxy A90 FiveG. This is the first A-series phone, with this feature added.

The phone has a 4500mAh battery with 25W fast charging support. It will be painted in black and white. The price of this phone is not reported yet. Starting tomorrow, it will be available for sale in South Korea. Soon it will be available in other countries as well.

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