Rs 10 billion worth of jewelry was stolen From British model


Rs 10 billion worth of jewelry was stolen From British model

Rs 10 billion worth of jewelry was stolen From the British model! Renowned British model Tamara Ecclestone’s jewelry worth Rs 10 billion has been stolen. Tamara Ecclestone, the oldest and most popular model of former British Formula One group executive Bernie Ecclestone, suffered a major setback when in her absence a thief stole more than Rs 10 billion 33 million worth of jewelry.

A spokeswoman for the model confirmed the theft and said that an unknown person had stolen the house of Tamara Ecclestone, resulting in the theft of rings, earrings, and bracelets worth over Rs 10 billion 33 crores. Since this operation, your family has been in a rage, but private security is cooperating with the police in this regard.

On the other hand, the police said that we were notified at 11:00 pm local time regarding the theft, the investigation is still ongoing but no arrests have been made so far.

According to the journal “The Sun”, Tamara Ecclestone’s stolen jewelry was given to her by her father as a wedding present, the theft occurred in just 50 minutes and occurred while Tamara is out of the country for Ecclestone celebrated the Christmas holidays. According to the well-known journal, Ken Sington Home is considered to be the most expensive place where Tamara bought a 55-room house for Rs 9 billion. The place is said to be the home of the richest people in the world where the family of Prince Harry is also released, while the souls of the world’s most famous companies are still living there.

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