Ronaldo’s rap suspect admitted paying millions of dollars.


Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo, 34, a world-renowned footballer of Portugal, has confessed to paying millions of dollars for the first time to silence a former rap accuser. Lying and claiming no such incident happened, Katherine Moringa filed a defamation suit in the US state of Nevada on September 2018, in which Cristiano Ronaldo was charged with rape nine years ago. Catherine Moringa submitted a 32-page document to the court, alleging overnight that Ronaldo raped her on June 13, 2009.
He alleged in the case that the footballer had pressured him to keep the alleged rap secret and that the footballer, with the help of lawyers, gave him $ 4 million to remain silent.

The petition filed in the court said that after the rap incident, the models became mentally disturbed, even thinking of committing suicide several times. The case was also registered, however, Cristiano Ronaldo denied the allegations, and Catherine Morga lied, but has now admitted that she paid the accused woman to remain silent. According to showbiz and sports magazine ‘TMZ’, Cristiano Ronaldo introduced new documents to the state of Nevada, admitting about 300,000,000 to keep the woman quiet. Documents submitted by Cristiano Ronaldo said the deal was agreed in exchange for a woman and a footballer, saying the matter would not be brought to the public. The representative made a mutual agreement not to bring charges and therefore paid huge sums, so the case could be dismissed.

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