Rocket attacks on US Airbus and Embassy in Baghdad


Rocket attacks on US Airbus and Embassy in Baghdad

Rocket attacks on US Airbus and Embassy in Baghdad! The Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has been hit by rocket attacks on US Airbus and the US troops’ colony.

According to the US and Arab media, the target of the rocket attacks was US citizen and American airbase, possibly in response to the killing of Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani.

Another US airstrikes in Iraq, 5 people killed

The Iraqi military has said that several rockets landed in the high-security green zone adjacent to Baghdad, where government buildings are located, several foreign missions are located, and the US embassy is also established.

Similarly, rocket attacks also took place at Balad Airport, 80 km from Baghdad, where US troops stationed in Iraq were then dispatched to detectives immediately, the military told AFP. Rocket attackers could be detected, with no casualties in the attacks.

Unlike the Iraqi army, Iraqi police told Reuters News Agency that more than five people were injured in the Green Zone attack. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has strongly condemned the attack on the US Embassy.

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