Prince Harry’s case against British media


Prince Harry’s case against British media

Prince Harry’s case against British media | Secret recording of the phone- Prince Harry’s case against British media. Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against prominent British newspaper Sun and Air for secretly recording phone calls. Prince Harry filed a lawsuit against the British newspaper at a time when his wife, Meghan Markle, had sued the British newspaper three days earlier. Meghan Markle filed a lawsuit against the Daily Mail for posting false letters and spreading false information. According to Reuters news agency, even before Meghan Markle’s lawsuit was filed, her husband Prince Harry had expressed affection for his wife’s father’s mail on Sunday.
In a letter to the British newspaper, Prince Harry has said that Britain’s most powerful media had snatched his mother, Princess Diana, and now the same powers are behind his wife. Princess Diana’s private life and photos have been capturing world media headlines, including British media, and there have been reports that such coverage has made her feel insecure.
The wedding of Princess Diana, who attended the concert herself, met prominent celebrities, even her death, and her last rites were given full coverage by the global media, including the British, and she is among those celebrities. Get the most coverage in the world.
Princess Diana was involved in a road accident in 1997 in the French capital Paris. In a statement released last week during an African tour, Prince Harry expressed frustration at the British media that his wife and her life were lacking in British media. After returning from an African tour, Meghan Markle has filed a lawsuit in court for posting a false letter against the ‘Mail on Sunday’.

According to the actress, Mail Online on Sunday posted a letter written by her father that was based on inaccurate and inaccurate information, which caused her to suffer. After the letter was published, Meghan Markle filed a lawsuit, and now her husband filed a lawsuit against the other two British newspapers. According to the report, Prince Harry filed a lawsuit against the two British newspapers under the old 2011 case and approached the court over the secret recording of the phone in both newspapers. The royal palace is also confirming its connection with the history of news related to Prince Harry’s history when the ‘Sun’ administration did not confirm the fight.
According to the report, Prince Harry described two newspaper cases in the notorious newspaper News ‘The World Phone Hacking Case’ in 2007, but it is unclear whether Prince Harry has accepted his case. ? what’s this?
There were festivals for ‘phone hacking’ in the UK, and the case was also running in the courts, which included a fine of 500 euros on the News of the World and the phone hacking of prominent figures at a newspaper reporter’s shop. ? There was no unethical and illegal agreement. After the phone hacking incident, the News of the World was announced to be closed, the newspaper revealed the spot scandal case of Pakistani characters Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt.
Now Prince Harry has tried “The Sun” and “The Mirror” in similar cases, but it is not yet clear whether his request will be heard.

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