President Erdogan Basketball player approached


President ErdoganBasketball player approached

President Erdogan Basketball player approached|Turkish basketball player Anis Kanter, played by the ‘Boston Celtics’ team in the United States, was attacked by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo’s supporters outside a mosque in Boston on Friday and threatened serious consequences. Was.
According to Fox News, Kanter said two people approached her and fled. Calling it bad was when Anis Kanter and his colleague Taiko tried to leave Muslim society in Boston after Friday prayers, and two people approached them and called them bad.
He criticized the government, saying that the Turkish government does not allow me to practice my religion freely in the United States. My partner and I have come to the mosque to pray because it is near our residence.
“I and my partner ended the prayer and the little butchers tried to surround us,” said Kanter. Footage of the incident has also been released. They were just waiting for us. They were screaming and harassing us. One said it was crazy.
Kanter said those people seemed crazy. Even in the United States, they did not forgive me, although I should have the opportunity to worship here in a peaceful and fearless manner.
In 2018, I received threats at least four times a week, said an anti-Turkish basketball player.
It is important to note that Kanter, 27, is clearly considered to be against the Erdo ?an government.