PlayStation 5 game is coming soon


PlayStation 5 game is coming soon

PlayStation 5 game is coming soon | PlayStation 5 availability has been revealed. Sony has confirmed the availability of its new console, PlayStation 5, and has announced the availability date. The company has announced that it will be available to PlayStation 5 users later this year.

The company said that many changes were being made to the PlayStation 5 controller, and for the first time the new hepatic feedback technology was replaced by Rumble technology.

Another major change is the technology called Adepto Triggers, which will allow developers to create a trigger resistance program. The wired site has seen prototype PlayStation 5 controllers and, accordingly, the PS4 looks like DualShock 4, but Sony hasn’t confirmed that its name is DualShock 5.

The site has confirmed that the PS5 controller has been given USB, while a larger battery and better speakers are being provided.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan and PS5 System Architect Mark Searney described the site in more detail, saying that GPU hardware has ray tracing acceleration.

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