Pet Chick Killed His Mistress


Pet Chick Killed His Mistress

Pet Chick Killed His Mistress | Poultry is upset in Australia and its owner has been brutally killed, doctors have declared death due to excessive bleeding. According to details, a girl killed a girl in the town of South Australia where the 76-year-old woman’s pet was killed by her mistress. A few days ago, when he arrived at the egg cage in the morning to collect the eggs, the hen became angry and began raiding her mistress.

Chicken attacks cause severe injury to a woman’s legs, causing rapid bleeding in her legs and leaving her in the mouth before arriving at the hospital. Doctors have revealed that complications complicate the veins of a woman’s leg, resulting in a significant decrease in blood pressure and a significant decrease in flow in the back of the leg.

Doctors say there was no serious damage to the veins in the upper part of the leg of the henna, which led to an increase in blood flow and the baby was knocked unconscious and taken to hospital.

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