Penn Badgley promises that “heads will roll.”


Season 4’s latest look at Penn Badgley’s new alter ego promises that “heads will roll.”

The fourth season of You from Penn Badgley’s Netflix was promoted on December 1 with a poster showing Joe Goldberg accepting another character. View a picture of Professor Jonathan Moore. Perhaps you should forgo these office hours. Netflix unveiled a poster for the forthcoming fourth season of You on December 1 featuring Penn Badgley as the most recent incarnation of serial killer Joe Goldberg.

This time, he sits at a desk surrounded by documents and books while dressed in a three-piece suit. The picture’s description reads: “Heads will sign up. Part 1 of Professor Jonathan Moore’s class is available on @Netflix on February 9.” Some of the papers had red ink all over them if you look closely. We at least hope that it is ink.

On September 24, Joe teased further information about his enigmatic new persona while alluding to the earlier iterations. I’m not the sweet bookshop manager in New York, the shop assistant in Los Angeles, or the devoted husband in the suburbs, he claims. Joe claims that the London-based fourth season has updated him.

He says, “Permit me to introduce myself. “I’ve undergone some maturation since moving across the pond. And being in London has helped me put the past to rest. The days of anxious and unrequited love are over. No, I’m focusing on academics and teaching this time around, keeping my usual extracurricular activities exclusively professional.”

There is a strong explanation that Professor Moore’s course offerings will be highly unusual. Scroll down for everything else we know about what’s to come as we anxiously (and apprehensively) anticipate part one of You’s fourth season on February 9. In an unexpected turn, the third season finale showed Joe pursuing Marienne through a Parisian café (Tati Gabrielle).

Joe sipped his espresso and imagined meeting her in the City of Love. He reflected, “Marriage almost destroyed both of us, yet we escaped.” “Perhaps our hearts are stronger because of the wounds on them.”

Although it was unknown if Joe located the widow, the season ended with this frightening warning: “All I know, my love, is that I’ll look everywhere if necessary. I’ll locate you.”

It turns out that You’s co-creator Greg Berlanti had the notion to put the fourth season abroad. Will Joe remain in Paris? The query is that.

Joe murdered his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) after season three and left their little son Henry behind. Although cold-blooded, viewers were left wondering if Joe would abandon his son for good.

Sera Gamble, the showrunner, promised details. In an interview with E! News, Gamble remarked, “That’s going to be an ongoing dialogue because no, you can’t pretend something that huge about a character didn’t happen.” “I believe that will influence him moving ahead. And even his precise plan for when and whether he would return for his son is something that we will discuss for hours on end between snacks if we make it to the writers room.”

Lukas Gage, a former star of The White Lotus and Euphoria, will play Adam in the program’s fourth season. Adam is “an ex-pat American, the youngest son of a wealthy East-Coast businessman.” Additionally, it’s implied that Adam might consider his wealthy girlfriend a given. Sounds like the ideal chance for Joe to intervene.

It started with a line from Cardi B’s song “WAP,” “My stalking and killing may make me a certified freak, seven days a week, but it also got me to…you.”

“You’re good on social media, Cardi B. You have value. Substantive. I simply enjoy you. Similar to how you are with your music, you are genuine and nuanced. The ones that are still here, at least, keep me on my toes. It’s liberating not to be confined.”

The Netflix description teased, “Kate tends to be ‘the adult in the room’ and has adopted the title of ‘icy bitch’.” ” Her closest friend Lady Phoebe, a nice and trustworthy woman whose huge riches and fame tend to draw opportunists, is someone she is extremely protective of. Kate dates the entertaining but egotistical party animal Malcolm because she prefers “arrangements” to true love. Kate doesn’t just despise Joe when Malcolm invites him into their privileged world—an American outsider of questionable means—she also has serious suspicions about him.”

Season four will take place in London, Badgley said in a June interview with Entertainment Tonight. What made them select London over Paris?

In addition to recurrent characters such as Nancy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Stephen Hagan, Ben Wiggins, Eve Austin, Ozioma When, Dario Coates, Sean Pertwee, Brad Alexander, Alison Pargeter, and Adam James, the series stars Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, Amy Leigh Hickman as Nadia, and Ed Speleers as Rhys.

According to Penn Badgley, Season four won’t just see a change in the setting; the program itself will also feel fresh and new.

“The format has changed, but the tone is changing nonetheless. We’re employing a new format, “He spoke with Entertainment Night.

In a recent photograph of Penn and Charlotte during season four’s filming, it can be seen that Joe has his sights set on Kate, who is suspicious of his motives. Could this be a tale of rivals who become lovers? We can only speculate!

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