Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan TV interview has warned that cousins think more than think, tensions between countries with nuclear capabilities can produce dangerous consequences.


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that tensions between countries with nuclear capabilities could have dangerous consequences. The explosive situation in Kashmir can go beyond the region. No wise man can talk about nuclear war, Pakistan and India should end tensions. The world has to intervene to make this happen. Interviews on Russian TV revealed more details. Azam said that no sensible man can talk about nuclear war. The explosive situation in Kashmir could go beyond the region, he said. He said the Cuban crisis.
Then for the first time, today, two nuclear nations are face to face. “The global community must protect our region from becoming a nuclear hotspot,” he said. He said that the unacceptable results of the Pak-India clash could be achieved. Imran Khan said that the problem should be resolved at the time of partition of Kashmir, India is taking illegal steps for the decision of Kashmiris.

He said that India prevents opposition leaders from occupying the valley, Kashmir is more complicated than Syria. He said that as the Nazis occupied Germany, what was happening in Kashmir was not Nehru and Gandhi’s India. He said that whenever a country demands mediation, India refuses. He said that the loss of Pak India to the world would be far more than they thought. He said that the UN presented a resolution to vote in Kashmir, the entire Kashmir political leadership is in detention and jails. He said that the world should have responded more to the Kashmir issue.

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