Pakistani film Jeevan Tamasha wins World Award


Pakistani film Jeevan Tamasha  wins World Award

Pakistani film Jeevan Tamasha wins World Award|Jeevan Tamasha, a Punjabi film organized by Mai Naz’s charismatic Khost, won the prestigious ‘Kim Jasoek’ award at the Bosan World Film Festival. The film is slated for an exhibition in January 2020. His film ‘Jeon Tamasha’ was released a few days ago under the direction of Sarmad Khost. He has been nominated for the ‘Kim Jessica’ Award. The ‘Kim Jasuk’ Award is considered to be one of the prestigious awards at the Bosan World Film Festival, which is awarded annually to the same film. has been given. The story of the film ‘Jeon Tamasha’ revolves around an amateur Naat Khan who is a resident of Lahore. The film highlights the growing intolerance in society. The cast of the film includes actors Arif Hassan, Ali Qureshi, Imran Khost, Samiya Mumtaz, and Iman Suleiman. Arif Hassan plays the role of Mohammad Rahat Khawaja in this film. The co-producer of the film is Sarmad Khost with his sister Kunal Khost while the script of the film is written by Nirmal Bano.