Pakistan Is A Secure Country For Tourism And Business


Pakistan Is A Secure Country For Tourism And Business

Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa reaffirmed his statement on Tuesday that Pakistan is safe for international tourism, sports, and business.

Pakistan Is A Secure Country

“We encourage healthy bilateral exchanges in all areas of common interest,” Gen Bajwa declared, speaking to Greek Ambassador in Pakistan Andreas Papastavrou, who visited Gen Bajwa to GHQ. General Headquarters (GHQ) on Tuesday.

This is a legitimate concern. However, there’s no quick solution to it.

Pakistan is such a large country that it is home to various ethnicities, regions, and sub-cultures. It’s unwise to look at the entire country.

An analysis that, from a travel viewpoint, will explain what is happening for those traveling to Pakistan as well as which areas are secure and why they are, and some additional suggestions that hopefully can help you stay closed during your trip to Pakistan.

At the meeting, issues of mutual interest and regional security, including what is happening within Afghanistan along with cooperation within different areas, were discussed, according to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) stated.
The Army Chief stated that Pakistan is determined to continue to work alongside its partners from around the world in ensuring security in Afghanistan and creating a prosperous and stable future for the Afghan people.

The Greek ambassador praised Pakistan’s efforts to control COVID-19 by coordinating a national response. He also praised Pakistan’s contribution as a partner in the Afghan situation, which includes success in evacuation operations and efforts to maintain regional stability.

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Based on Dawn (Pakistan’s most popular newspaper), The tourism industry in Pakistan has grown by 317% throughout 2014. This is not difficult to believe, especially when you look at the vast number of travel influencers and media creators pushing tourism in Pakistan in recent times.

Thus, and in all likelihood, the internet is full of opinions regarding traveling to Pakistan, Some of which are particularly true. However, others are sloppy and written by travelers who have just had a short stay in the country, claiming that Pakistan is among the most secure nations around or felt highly safe during their trip.

The majority of areas within Pakistan are totally safe, increasing in the number of places. However, it is essential to know that the country has certain areas that are considered to be dangerous, and, in specific tourist destinations, the police can provide you with an armed escort at no cost.