Pakistan 20th number for business


Pakistan 20th number for business

Pakistan’s 20th number for business | Pakistan is one of 20 major countries to facilitate business. The World Bank lists Pakistan’s 20 largest countries, including Pakistan, for ease of doing business. This list does not include Development Week countries, which have taken part in the list of countries that cannot facilitate business in different sectors, which take measures to provide facilities. A total of 20 countries were included in the list, with Pakistan ranked 14th. Pakistan is ahead of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, one of the richest countries in terms of facilitating business and providing services to the people. Interestingly, countries like China and India are also behind Bahrain and Bangladesh.

According to this list, Azerbaijan is the first country to take ownership of the country, lending to the public and protection of minority investors such as ease of doing business and facilitating people. Second on the list is ‘Bahrain’, which introduces easements and reforms in a record 10 different sectors, making it easier for people to live and improve their economy.

Bangladesh is third, China third, India sixth, Kuwait 10th, and Nigeria 13th. Nigeria is ahead of Pakistan in introducing business facilities and reforms.

On the same list, ‘Pakistan’ ranks fourth and it is said that Pakistan will bring reforms in six sectors, which will create business opportunities, which will improve people’s lives. Regarding Pakistan, the World Bank wrote in its report that Pakistan introduced reforms such as construction work, property ownership, power supply, cross-border trade and inclusion of people in the tax net.

According to the report, the steps taken by the government of Pakistan have paved the way for development in the country and have improved the standard of living of the people. The report praised the government’s plan for paying online tax to include Pakistan in the tax net and said that the process has facilitated the payment of taxes.

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