One such type of diabetes can cause cancer


One such type of diabetes can cause cancer

Scientists have been successful in treating lung, pancreatic and skin cancers with a variety of ‘menus’ of sugar. An article published in the journal Science Natural has revealed that diabetes is linked to cancer cells. Strong resistance has been observed, this type of sugar is also used as a dietary supplement and is found in most American plants.

Experts say that the ‘de menos’ compound is actually a simple sugar found in large numbers in polysaccharides and melts up to 199 centigrade and is an ‘Aldo hiccups’ synthesized by glucose. Also, menus are also used to relieve urinary tract infections. Research by lung cancer, pancreas and skin cancer mice led by Professor Kevin Ryan of the Batson Institute, a British cancer research agency. These rats were given a dose of de novo which showed a significant reduction in cancer cell proliferation and surprisingly the chemotherapy sessions were reduced and the side effects did not occur. Prolonged treatment also made it possible to eradicate cancer. According to Prof. Levin, the most worrying thing in cancer patients is the rapid spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body, which reduces the body’s immune response. Cancer treatment can double the chances of success and success if cancer cells are stopped.

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