Officer of the Swiss bank has resigned


Officer of the Swiss bank has resigned

Officer of the Swiss bank has resigned | Iqbal Khan spying- Credit Swiss executive resigns due to scandal. Switzerland’s Chief Operating Officer at Credit Bank of Switzerland has resigned from his post after proving that he had hired a private detective to spy on one of his officers.
The scandal has sparked a scandal in the Swiss banking industry. The former head of wealth management at the bank, Iqbal Khan left Credit Suisse and joined another bank, UBS.

According to reports, private detectives were deployed in September to monitor Iqbal Khan. Khan left the bank in July. It was not yet clear whether the bank’s chief executive, Tzeme Theme, knew it or not. It is also reported that Tadjane was not happy with Iqbal Khan. Credit Suisse said the investigation revealed that Chief Operating Officer Perry Oliver Bowie had decided to spy on Iqbal Khan himself. It’s not as if the theme is always empty. He praised and promoted Khan. But according to reports, the problem arose when Khan bought a property near Lake Zurich and repaired it for two years.

This property was owned by the owner of this property. According to media reports, at a party held in January, Iqbal Khan and his girlfriend had some mention of trees growing on the theme property. The party was taking place in the theme house. Shortly afterward, Khan announced the issuance of Credit Swiss. Credit Swiss says the theme and Khan’s personal relationship is not part of the investigation. Nowhere in the Hamburger investigation did it say that the CEU had approved Khan’s espionage, nor did he find out about it before September 18, 2019, when the espionage was terminated. Credit Swiss has said that the decision to monitor Iqbal Khan was wrong and wrong and it has seriously damaged the bank’s reputation. The scandal surfaced when it was revealed in September that the bank had hired a corporate intelligence firm Investigate to oversee Iqbal Khan. The bank feared that Khan was not taking his client to UBS.

When Khan suspected that someone was monitoring him, they arrested him. Khan and Investigo’s statements about what happened there are quite different and an investigation into the matter is still underway.

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