Now magic with Google Photos.


Without Google, the world of the internet feels incomplete and its various applications often introduce excellent features to make life easier. And now Google has introduced a magic feature to its users that will benefit users using the Google Photos fact, it’s a great feature that will make things a lot easier for people, not less than a revolution, but thinks for yourself that if you had to send text or text in a picture to a friend, you would type it in. it will have to be done. Now on but now the magic of Google Photos will make it a thing of the past app.
Of course, you can now copy and paste image text into Google Photos, but instead of actually typing a screenshot or text into the image with your own hand, you can copy and paste it into Google Photos using Google Land. ? You can paste it anywhere to find the image from your test.
If you would like to text an image anywhere, open this photo in Google Photos. After opening the image, click on the icon like the lens down then swipe or highlight with the finger of your choice and copy option below. Click on, Then open and paste the app wherever you want it to appear. The text that you highlight will also be transliterated using Google Lens.

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