No robbers or mafia appear in Punjab, PM directs IG


No robbers or mafia appear in Punjab, PM directs IG

No robbers or mafia appear in Punjab, PM directs IG! Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed Punjab Police not to show any bandits and mafia in any district of the province.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates two projects in Faisalabad, Allama Iqbal Industrial City, and shelter. The shelter has a capacity of around 400 people, and the Prime Minister also dined with the people there.


Addressing the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that NAB amended the law because the sword was hanging on the bureaucrats, because of NAB law the files were not moving in the government offices and the authorities were afraid to sign, Bureaucrats should be expected to work openly to bring the NAB ordinance.

Addressing the function, Imran Khan addressed the Chief Secretary Punjab Maj. Retired Prime Minister Suleiman and said that the Chief Secretary would no longer have any excuse for not working with your officers, hopefully, the bureaucracy will do well now.

Imran Khan said that industrialization is essential in Pakistan for the development of the youth and the country. If there is no investment in the country, then there will be no employment and how the country will develop. We have to promote industries and exports. You can make a lot of money by promoting it, the agricultural sector also needs to increase productivity, there will come a time when oil streams will flow in Pakistan.

The need to change the slave mentality PM says

The Prime Minister added that we do all the functions in Pakistan and speak in English, we have to change the thinking and eliminate class distinctions; Speaking in English in the Assembly is a slavery mentality, I know in the National Assembly. Who knows how much English, who do not understand, also shows that they understand.