No less than a strawberry superfood


No less than a strawberry superfood

This red fruit is as beautiful as it looks, so good for physical health. If you don’t like strawberries, add it to your list today because it is not only delicious and nutritious, but somehow. No less than superfoods. Strawberries provide numerous medical benefits, from vitamin ‘C’ to various antioxidants and some of them will surprise you. Improve the body’s immune system: Strawberry is the best source of vitamin ‘C’ the human body lacks the ability to make this vitamin and therefore it is very important to get it in a nutritious way, Vitamin ‘C’ strengthens and strengthens the body’s immune system. – For eye health: Antioxidants rich strawberries can help prevent cataract disease, which can also result in the risk of losing vision in old age. Our eyes need vitamin ‘C’ to protect them from the effects of the sun’s ultra-violet rays that damage corneal proteins.

  Useful against cancer Vitamin ‘C’

Useful against cancer Vitamin ‘C’ is an ingredient that also helps prevent cancer. According to one study, strawberries contain ellagic acid anti-cancer properties. Protection from scabies: Vitamin C in strawberries is also important for the production of collagen which helps improve skin elasticity and smoothness. During pregnancy: Use of Folate is generally recommended for pregnant women and strawberries are a great way to get it.

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