New Apple Watch with Health and Convenience Features


Apple’s new SmartWatch Five has been hailed by technology experts as a digital tracker for health and fitness and a partial Apple phone.

After installing a few apps it adds more features, after which you can simply talk to ‘Assistant’, find out the latest score, send messages from its small screen and other features. I can benefit from this.

It also has a complex facility, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), which aims to monitor the changing physiology of the heart. It should be noted that the system that monitors the heartbeat has been approved by US institutions.

The new Apple Watch is completely waterproof and can also be worn in the pool. The fitness app allows you to review exercise, yoga exercises, and jogging, as well as five new features in the health sector.

However, ECG requires 5.1.2 or newer OS version and the watch must be connected to the iPhone and the correct setting of the app is also required. Likewise, Apple Watch OS6 has a setup that will improve the hearing system in September.

An important feature for seniors is that they can message or call their loved ones and doctors in case of stumbling and falling. It also has a walkie talkie feature so you can talk by pressing the watch button on the wrist. The MacBook can be opened from Apple Watch as well.

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