Muslim countries unite to protect themselves, says Mahathir


Muslim countries unite to protect themselves, says Mahathir

Muslim countries unite to protect themselves, says Mahathir! Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed has said that all Muslim countries should unite for their own protection.

Reacting to the death of Iranian military commander General Qasim Sulaimani, he termed the killings as offensive and said that this would further boost extremism. At the same time, he termed the killing of Qasim Sulaimani as a case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashkaji, calling it a violation of international law.

94-year-old Mahathir Mohammed said, “Now is the right time to unite Islamic countries; none of us is safe. If someone says something or makes fun of someone and doesn’t like it, then sends the next drone and maybe they will target me too ”.

Mahathir Mohammed told reporters that he was telling the truth. If anyone does wrong then you have the right to raise your voice against him.

It should be noted that there are thousands of Iranians living in Malaysia while strong ties between Malaysia and Iran are established. Last month, Mahathir Mohamed attended a key conference at the invitation of the Malaysian Prime Minister to discuss bilateral cooperation and trade promotion. Mahathir Muhammad has also made a statement against the atrocities committed against Kashmiris in the past.

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