Munir Zarif s technical skills are credited


Munir Zarif s technical skills are credited

Munir Zarif s technical skills are credited | If you look at Hollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood comedians, it will also show the names of four chaplains, Jerry Lewis and Norman Worm, John Walker, Mahmoud, Asrani, and Zarif. KK’s technical career was also close to ten years, during which time he acted more than 50 in Urdu and Punjabi films but also showed his ability in the field of singing.
Born in Gujranwala on June 1, 1926, a girl by the name of Khat Muhammad Siddique shifted to film history “Zarif” in a, particularly hilarious Pakistan, a golden letter from film history.

The actor who made the film laugh at his death passed away on October 30, 1960. After the sudden death of Sharif Late, the film world welcomed his brother Manor despite the delay. I stepped into the film world in my life.

This was the period when comedians like Nazar and Asif Jah, Shah Rukh Puri, Diljit Mirza also appeared in some Urdu Punjabi films, though their style was different. I had the opportunity to star in ‘Dandi’. And this was Manor’s first film. Subsequently, Munawar Zarif Kozir got some roles in Punjabi films and he got to know about film writers as well as directors. The acting had the same qualities as his older brother, but he was also impressed by the facial expressions of the dialogue payment.
When the successful Punjabi film director Aslam Irani debuted the film “Hazara”, he selected Manwar Zarif as a comedian, superstars like Akmal, Gita and Mazhar Shah, and Manwar Zarif played his role. Was. Was. Do all justice. And made it a challenge. Thanks to the great story and songs of author Hazen Qadri, the film became a superstar.
On the strength of the film, the producers proved that there was no shortage of talent, while film lover Munawar Zarif became a necessity for Punjabi films and then came the time when Punjabi films were made. The names of Munawar Zarif and Khalifa Nazir, or Munawar Zarif and Rangila were indispensable. In any movie, his name was considered a guarantee of film success. At the height of Munroof and Rangila, when mutual payment was urgently needed, they heard “Sen” during the filming and the camera was launched. Most of the movie’s songs and scenes were filmed that day, and it probably cost a day, sixty, the seventies, and a lot more.
Actually Lead Aga was not included in the script, but after filming Sen the audience also appeared on the conversation of Munawar Zarif.
Manawar Zarif, though, showed the essence of acting in many Urdu films, especially in the Taj Mahal. With a cast of mine, they started to take the lead. This was the period when films like Rangila and Manor Nazarif started to be made. It’s the seventies when the filmmaker, Shabab Karnavi’s director of Stand in Sense gave Rangella the best spot, and then in the film, Langella and Manor Zarif played the role of “super-hot” and in the film. ? It even started with the game I played. The main character. Manawar Zarif played a variety of roles very well.

Manveer Zarif’s film “Mad Maid of Whitey Day” was also copied by Manveer Zarif in the role of actor Dharmendra, but he was praised several times by Manveer Zarif. The balm was also on the rise and it had been fifteen years since leaving the world quietly on April 29, 1976.

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