Muhammad is the most popular children’s name in the UK


Muhammad is the most popular children name in the UK

Muhammad is the most popular child’s name in the UK |Muhammad is the most popular children’s name in the UK. This was revealed in the annual report on the names of the website called Baby Center. A significant increase in the number of Arabic names has been recorded in the list of the 100 most popular children’s names in the UK.
Mohammed Naam is in the hottest or most popular position since 2017, while also leading the list in 2014 and 2015. Similarly, Ahmed, Ali, and Ibrahim are among the first 100 most popular names. Olivia’s name is also the third consecutive year in the list of girls, but Sofia’s name is at the top, but Fatima Nam has jumped from 57th to 57th, while Maryam is 59th.
According to the British Department, Muhammad Naam first entered the top 100 in popularity in 1924, and since then his popularity has been increasing every year. In the last ten years, the name has risen steadily, with one possible cause being the increase in the Muslim population in Britain and Wales, which is currently equal to five percent of the total population. Experts say the name is the same but it is up to people to spell it out or spell it, but they all mean the same.