Motorola Razor Coming Soon


Motorola Razor Coming Soon

Motorola Razor Coming Soon | Motorola plans to introduce its first foldable phone this summer, but it is now expected that the device will be released later this year. The claim was made by a close person at the company.
It is not yet clear how long the device will be available to consumers, but it may be released to the media and the public in 2019.
So far Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are the only foldable phones, of which Samsung’s phone is available in different countries while Huawei phone is likely to be available to consumers in October.
Motorola is believed to be part of a Chinese company, Lenovo, and it is believed that its steel phone will be a facelift of the famous razor brand of the past.
Unlike Samsung and Huawei phones that open in tablet form, Motorola’s foldable phone will be paired with a razor flip phone, at least with the 2017 patent.

Samsung and Huawei’s phones have been introduced this year, but Motorola has not revealed any further details to the public in this regard.
However, Vice President of Motorola’s Global Product Division confirmed the folded phone in February, saying the phone would be slightly different from Samsung and Huawei’s devices.
Earlier, a report by the Dutch site Lets Go Digital claimed that it would not be as powerful as Samsung or Huawei’s foldable phones, but it would have smaller battery and midrange processor capabilities.
But needless to say, memories of the past will bring people interest in this new foldable phone.
But this time instead of the original Roger’s small screen and keypad, it will be given a dual-display design.

When the phone is switched off, the first display will be larger while the second screen will be on the outside with notifications and some other features.
When the phone is fully open, it will be 6.2 inches, for which an LED panel will be provided.
The phone is likely to get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, 4 to 6 GB RAM and 64 to 128 GB storage.
The Wall Street Journal reported in February that the phone could cost up to 155 to $ 500 apiece from Galaxy Fold and $ 1,000 cheaper than Huawei’s Foldable Phone. Google has solved its problem.

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