Most downloaded apps in 2019


Most downloaded apps in 2019

The 10 most downloaded apps in the last decade. There are only two weeks left at the end of this decade. The popularity of mobile applications, especially games, increased dramatically this decade. App Annie, an analytics company, has released a list of the most downloaded applications of the last decade. Let’s take a look at some of the most downloaded applications in the last decade.

10. Twitter: microblogging platform Twitter launched in 2006. On Twitter, users can post up to 280 characters, called tweets.

9. YouTube: Google’s proprietary video sharing application YouTube has been the 9th most downloaded application of the last decade.

8.UC Browser: UC Browser, owned by China’s Alibaba Group, is the 8th most downloaded app in the past decade.

In many Asian countries, UC Browser has surpassed Google’s Chrome browser in popularity.

7. Tik Tok is the number seven in this ranking.

6. Skype: Telecommunications application Skype, which facilitates video calling, was the most downloaded vacation app in the last decade.

5. Snap Chat: This application was launched in 2011.

The app quickly became very popular and made it to the list of the 10 most downloaded apps in this decade.

4. Instagram: Facebook’s proprietary video-sharing app was launched in 2010. The monthly active users of this app were 1 billion in June 2018.

3. WhatsApp Messenger: Owned by Facebook WhatsApp Messenger is a free cross-platform messaging service, which is very popular worldwide.

2. Facebook Messenger: The application created for Facebook Chat was released in 2011 for Android and iOS. This is the second most downloaded application in a decade.

1. Facebook: Social Media Application Facebook ranks first among the most downloaded applications.

If you look at the list above, the list of Facebook is visible in this list as it is owned by 4 of the 10 applications ie Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.