Modi’s office and residence “PM’s complex” caught fire


Modi’s office and residence “PM’s complex” caught fire

Modi’s office and residence “PM’s complex” caught fire! A fire broke out at the Prime Minister House Complex in India, killing nine fire brigade vehicles at the scene.

According to Indian media, ambulances and fire brigade vehicles could be seen entering the Prime Minister House as a fire broke out in a building on the premises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official residence. Indian authorities have ruled out the possibility of fatal and financial loss in the fire.

The official residence of the Indian Prime Minister is located at Lok Kalyan Marg 7, where he also has an office, but the fire started at Lok Kalyan Mark 9, which also houses the office and residence of the special protection group ‘Special Protection Group’ on Modi’s security.

Members of the ruling party and BJP workers were terrified at the news of the fire in the Prime Minister’s House, which also had to be tweeted and consoled by PM Modi.

Prime Minister Modi wrote in his tweet that the fire was caused by the short circuit in Lok Kalyan Mark 9, this place is not the Prime Minister’s residence or office. Minor fires have been completely controlled.

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