Mobile companies in 230 countries around the world


Worldwide Internet mobile data gigabytes – 1 GB on average .5 8.53 $ 1360 USD The world’s most expensive mobile data is in Zimbabwe, where a GB Internet is valued at US $ 75.20 which is 12,000 Pakistani. You may be surprised to know that the price of a GB mobile data in the United States is US $ 12.37, which is Pakistani around 1970, the United States ranked 182nd in providing expensive internet to its mobile users. In contrast, if the UK speaks, mobile data will be provided to consumers for US $ 6.66. The United States ranks 136th in selling mobile data at half the cost of the United States. The cheapest mobile data in Western Europe is in Finland, priced at US $ 1.16, while in Denmark, Monaco and Italy, on the other hand, consumer prices are less than US $ 2 in Eastern Europe.

The country is Poland, which has GBP data of US $ 1.32, while Romania has US $ 1.79 and Slovenia’s US $ 2.21.China’s situation is no different from the US, China is an economically stable and strong country but even the mobile Internet is quite expensive, according to the cable, China has an average of $ 9.9 USD and expensive internet to sell. Ranked 165th in the list. Half of the 20 Asian countries offer inexpensive mobile Internet packages, with only China, Taiwan and South Korea among the most expensive Internet packages worldwide. According to data released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in January 2019, the number of mobile users in Pakistan is 15.5 million, of which 616 million users are using 3G and 4G. However, the number of broadband subscribers has exceeded 6.75 million Samples of 58 service projects were tested in Pakistan in November 2018, revealing that the cheapest one GB mobile data in Pakistan is US $ 0.29 (about 46 Pakistani rupees and the most expensive. Mobile internet is US $ 7.15). 1140 Pakistani The cheapest mobile Internet in the world is being offered in India, where one GB mobile data is available for about 36 Pakistani 36 US dollars, while GB GB data available for US $ 1.85 (about Rs. 295). Is. Is being provided in Pakistan. According to mobile data in Iran, Bangladesh, the price of a GB mobile Internet in Pakistan is seven times higher than India, the average price of mobile data in other Asian countries is lower than that of Pakistan. In the first place, according to the cable website, Afghanistan ranks 26th with the US $ 1.30 and the US $ 19 while the weirdest thing about mobile data is that of African countries where Rwanda, Sudan have mobile internet and Congo. There are less than US $ 1 and on the other hand from Equatorial Guinea and the price of St. Helena. 50.

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