Michael Jackson’s Son Praises BTS For Carrying On His Father’s Musical Legacy


Michael Jackson’s Son Praises BTS For Carrying On His Father’s Musical Legacy

“They are a once-in-a-lifetime act!” Prince Michael

After a fantastic summer with record-breaking Billboard chart runs and an uplifting trip to the UN, and numerous partnerships with Western music’s most famous artist, It’s hard to find a person who’s not amazed by BTS. As the group continues to build support throughout all sectors of the industry, it only makes sense for them to eventually connect with the son that is one of their biggest idols, Michael Jackson.

Prince Michael, Michael Jackson’s son, was interviewed about his charity HEAL Los Angeles Foundation alongside Liam McEwan. At some point during the conversation, McEwan (who also had the TXT’s The Dream Chapter: Star album on his shelves) gave his opinion about BTS and some interesting observations regarding the group’s recent return.

Evidently, they’ve gotten a massive inspiration from your dad, like “Dynamite,” the choreography was definitely MJ inspired, and… the most recent track, “Butter,” starts with ‘smooth like butter, just like an undercover criminal.” Already finding the ‘Smooth Criminal’ reference in the lyrics.
He also inquired of Prince Michael about what it’s like to be a part of the whole crowd “kinda tributing your dad in such a nice way but doing it in their own kind of way; it must make you thrilled?”

Michael Jackson’s Son


Prince Michael responded very enthusiastically and shared that he believed “their music kinda transcends culture and everything like that.”

The group was even described as a “Once-in-a-lifetime act” before sharing the importance of witnessing his father’s legacy being carried through.

…It’s exciting to watch their reactions and to see this level of influence and influence from the father of my family; I think it’s fantastic to see them show the same sort that kind of… the way they show respect and pay homage to my father’s legacy and honor. It’s very satisfying and touching to know the amount of admiration and affection for him.

-Prince Michael

He also made an effort to offer a specific acknowledgment of how the group could adopt these old fashions to the new age.

Also, it’s fantastic to know that my father was a trendsetter, and you can observe how they’re following the same trends but changing them for the current time and making them their own. It’s fantastic to keep that flow of creativity going.

-Prince Michael

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BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson, Earns Praise From Jackson’s Nephew Taj

The nephew of Michael Jackson, Taj Jackson, took to a Twitter account and praised BTS’ Dynamite music video and the nod at King of Pop. He wrote, “The BTS guys make MJ very proud’.

BTS”Hommage for Michael Jackson impresses his nephew
Michael Jackson’s nephew, Taj Jackson, took to Twitter and shared that he’s highly impressed by BTS’ Dynamite video. The tweet from Taj Jackson said the nephew of Michael Jackson admitted that he’s enjoying the track and BTS Dynamite’s video.

The singer stated that the group did an outstanding job, and he’s hooked to the song and BTS’ Dynamite video. He also urged fans of Michael Jackson to take a look and spread the love. He concluded by saying the group made Michael Jackson proud with plenty of his dancing moves. Here’s a look at Michael Jackson’s nephew Taj Jackson’s reaction on Twitter.

BTS’ Dynamite
BTS’ Dynamite premiered on Youtube 9 hours ago. To date, the video has more than 53 million viewers on YouTube. In the clip, BTS acknowledges Michael Jackson’s legend as RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have all been featured in iconic poses and hooks of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.