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Margaret Likan Golding Facts

If you love celebrity biography, you will love learning more about Margaret Likan Golding. This Malaysian-born actress is a British and an English national. She is most famous for her role as Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians. She is also the mother of actor Henry Golding, known for his roles in The Young and the Restless and The Great Gatsby. Learn about her exciting facts in this article!

Margaret Likan Golding

She was born in Betong, Malaysia, and attended the Warwick School in Redhill. In 2014, she married Liv Lo, a Taiwanese TV presenter. They announced they were expecting their first child in November 2020, and the baby was born on March 31, 2021. She was the only woman who has been filmed performing the bejalai rite of passage and filmed it for her documentary, which aired on Discovery Channel Asia.

In addition to her mother’s name, she was born in Betong. Her parents were from Malaysia, and his mother was Iban. She graduated from The Warwick School, Redhill, at age eight. She and Golding were engaged in 2015 and married in Sarawak on August 6, 2016. Their first child was expected in 2021. The couple hasn’t revealed the name of their child. She has blue eyes and black hair.

In the novel, The Young and the Restless, Golding teaches a group of schoolboys who fight each other. As a teacher, she got the two groups to fight so that the boys could fight and win. She was a very aggressive child who had no problem with bullying. Ultimately, Golding became one of the most popular young writers in history. So, what’s her story about?

Besides her book, Golding’s parents are of Malaysian descent. Her father is English, and her mother is from Terengganu, a region in Sarawak. His mother is Iban, while his father is British. He attended the Warwick School in England. She also studied acting at the London Academy of Dramatic Arts. She later became a model and a television host. She also worked in the fashion industry and on her television show.

While studying at Oxford, she met her husband, Liv Lo, a Taiwanese television presenter. They married in 2014 in Sarawak. She is the youngest of her husband and has a daughter with Lo. The two have two children. The youngest is named Henry. During the wedding, the couple has two daughters. The other son, Henry, is a former student of her father. Her mother is also an Iban.

There are many exciting facts about Golding. Her father is Malaysian, and her mother is from the Iban community. She had a mother who was born in Kuching. His parents are English, and his father is also from the country. His mother is Iban, while his father is Malaysian. In the same year, they got married in Sarawak. The marriage was beautiful, and Golding and Lo had a child in 2021.

She is the mother of a famous actor and a model. Her parents were of Malaysian descent. Her father was born in Sarawak and was a Malaysian. Her mother was of Iban descent, while her father was English. Her father attended Cambridge University. In Sarawak, she went to the Warwick School. She later moved to England but returned to her homeland when she was 21. Her parents do not know her family’s heritage in English and Iban and her ethnicity.

Golding was born in a small town in the United States. Her parents were from the Iban people. She had an English father and a Malaysian mother. Her father was an Englishman. His mother is from the Iban tribe, and her mother is Iban. The rite of passage is a traditional Malaysian tradition, and the couple was married in Sarawak. In 2012, they were engaged and married 2014. In 2016, the couple welcomed their first child, Liv Lo.

Before becoming a celebrity, Golding dreamed of becoming a chef or a firefighter. Her childhood dream job was as a TV presenter, but she was also a star in Malaysian television shows and movies. The actor’s first big break came when she was sixteen. Her career was built on bold career choices, and she became a celebrity overnight. Her mother was a Malaysian, which she moved to without any prior acting experience.

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