Lindsay Lohan denies ties to Saudi fiancee


Lindsay Lohan denies ties to Saudi fiancee

Lindsay Lohan denies ties to Saudi fiancee | Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has been in the news for most of her personal life because of her career and now the actress has revealed a new quote about her ex-boyfriend. I had to say that he was betrayed by a boy while he also declared the news of his relationship with Saudi Wali Muhammad Muhammad bin Salman baseless. Ben Salman likes each other, but news of their breakup later also surfaced. A few days ago, she had a relationship with her boyfriend, and her fans on the internet thought she was talking about Saudi integration. But now the actress is dismissing all those rumors as baseless. He had nothing to do with Muhammad bin Salman. In the past, too, Lindsay was caught up in the news because of insulting Islamist activities. The actress once spoke to fans on Twitter that she was reading about Islam, but had not yet thought about changing the religion. Two years ago it helped Syrian refugees. Had arrived in Turkey, where images wearing scarves had infected social media, which was criticized by US media. Earlier there were pictures of Lindsay Lohan on the streets of New York. I was patrolling. At a show two years ago, American actress Lindsay Lohan told her that she stopped at Heathrow Airport and stopped at the hijab. At the same time, he was demanded to adopt a racist attitude, which made him astonished and upset.

Now denying the news, he said that all these stories were baseless and false. During the radio show, the actress said that I have never had any connection with Saudi Wali Ahmed Mohammed bin Salman. However, no one knows who they are. The actress said that Mohammed bin Salman and the actress have been spotted together on numerous occasions, both of whom have flown to Saudi Arabia on a private plane. One year has passed. The manager of Linze Lohan added that the meeting also took place on the occasion of the Formula One Grand Prix, at which time Linsey only wants to focus on her career.

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