Lebanese prime minister scandal


Lebanese prime minister scandal

Lebanese prime minister scandal | Lebanese prime minister accused of offering foreign ‘bold model’. Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has received news that he has donated Rs 2.5 billion to South Africa’s ultra-bold model for the meeting. It is unclear whether Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri provided such a large sum of money for meetings or benefited from the money model in exchange for money.

A new debate has sprung up in Lebanon, and after the disclosure of an American newspaper that the 49-year-old prime minister of Lebanon has given himself a 19-year-old but extremely bold model. Where opponents have been criticizing Saad Hariri, his supporters are calling the report baseless and claiming that Saad Hariri did not waste public money.
Merican newspaper ‘New York Times’According to model Saad Harry, a 30-year-old model from South Africa, Candace van der Murray was awarded 100 million at intervals between 2013 and 2015.

According to the report, Saad Hariri provided a significant amount of money to the South African model at a time when he did not become prime minister, but he held the key position of his political party.
Saad Hariri became the Lebanese Prime Minister in December 2016, and the final payment to his bold model occurred at least a year and a half ago when he was crowned Prime Minister.

The US newspaper said in its report that the money given to the South African model of Saad Hariri did not violate Lebanese and South African laws. The report states that Saad Hariri obtained the documents provided to the South African model from a South African court, according to which the model later paid taxes to the government.

According to the report, since Saad Hariri paid the office, the payment does not violate any law in Lebanon or South Africa.

The report also states that Saad Hariri paid big money to the model at a time when his construction company, Saudi Arabia, was unable to pay salaries to employees. According to the report, Saad Hariri is among the richest people in the Middle East, with a wealth of up to $ 90 billion, and most of his wealth came from the remaining assets of his father, Rafiq Hariri.

The Lebanese public criticized Saad Hariri after receiving information that the Lebanese prime minister was only paying for meetings with the model, while his supporters said he had spent the money with his account.

Saad Hariri has not made any statement since the American newspaper’s report came out, nor has his wife made any statement on the amount spent by her husband for model meetings. When Saad Hariri gave the model a large sum of money for meetings, he was married and the father of two children.

Saad Hariri was married in 1988 and has three children, a favorite Arab ruler from the West, who regularly travels to European countries.

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