Learn how to use fruits


Learn how to use fruits

Learn how to use fruits | Older people, especially women, suffer from joint pain, which often causes treatment to fail. However, now scientists have revealed a fruit that can be saved by drinking juice. According to Mail Online, the fruit is ‘cranberry’, which scientists say can cause joint pain if one drinks a glass of juice daily. Scientists conducted 41 experiments on women at Londrina University in Brazil. They were all suffering from joint pain. Scientists divided them into two groups and told one group to have a glass of water daily for three months.

Three months later, when these women were re-tested, it was found that the levels of these antibodies decreased significantly in women using the juice group, which invaded the immune system and damaged the joints. Symptoms of joint inflammation also diminished. The women in the other group who were asked to continue their normal diet had no change in their body after three months, but most of them had pain and swelling. Complaints have already been raised. On the other hand, karma cha in Bengali, karma in Gujarati, karma in Sanskrit and English in Marathi. They are called Kunda. The fruit of a thorny tree is similar to that of pineapple, but it is berries and similar to shrubs. The leaves of this tree are slightly taller and wider like the leaves of lime, while the green of the palm is darker, the larger it becomes. Apple and apple stains are less. The green color becomes redder and when ripe it turns red. Farmers peel the raw and use it as a snack, and eat it like pickles and pickles. Nausea and vomiting are beneficial for both men. Strengthen their gastroenterology by eating healthy farm food. Hunger plays with one another, overuse of it causes fire damage. It is most commonly used in rice and apricots.

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