Lady Diana’s niece engaged a 32-year-old man


29-year-old model and social leader Kitty Spencer, the young niece of British Princess Anjahani Lady Diana, has engaged herself several times over the age and fashion designer.

Kitty Spencer is the eldest brother of Princess Diana Lady Diana, the 55-year-old journalist, author and social leader, Charles Edward, commonly known as Earl Spencer.

Kitty Spencer is the cousin of Prince Harry and William’s mother, while she is well known for her friends.29-year-old Kitty Spencer engages 61-year-old Michael Lewis, a South African-born fashion designer.

The fashion magazine quoted a British newspaper in its report, saying that the elderly fashion designer offered the young model a wedding in May 2019.

Kitty Spencer left for South Africa in December last month, and shared photos with fans from Cape Town on Christmas Eve.

Although neither Katie Spencer nor Michael Lewis have offered any explanation for engagement, British newspapers say the two changed their friendship on the eve of the year.

British media reports that the young model is ready to marry the fashion designer as soon as she can, with the old fashion designer publishing headlines.

Reports say that the fiancée, who is barely Kitty Spencer, has more than $ 100 million and her first marriage was unsuccessful.

According to reports, Kitty Spencer’s fiance has three young children and has also had relationships with other models and women in the past.

zxInterestingly, 29-year-old Katie Spencer had an affair with an 18-year-old man before she was engaged to a 61-year-old man.

Kitty Spencer has also had relationships with older people in the past, and in the past has admitted herself fortunate, including acknowledging relationships with older people.

Kitty Spencer has said in the past that no matter how many men she has relationships with, they were all matchmakers and good people, and they consider themselves lucky.