Kubra Khan’s withdrew from the showbiz industry


Kubra Khan’s withdrew from the showbiz industry

Kubra Khan withdrew from the showbiz industry! Actress Kubra Khan has denied the news about quitting showbiz, saying that currently, the industry has not been leaving for a few years. If I find that I am unable to do what I think I will, I will change my course.

Talking to the website Galaxy, Kubra Khan’s said, “In a recent interview, my words were distorted. I still love my art and the work I have done to date. I am satisfied with this And God forbid if I couldn’t I would leave this industry.

Kubra Khan categorically denied the news of leaving the showbiz industry and said, “Currently, this industry she has not been leaving for a few years.

The actress of the famous drama ‘A’ also said that I am not a religious scholar, but I am like a person who is looking for the right way of life and I will continue this effort all my life. Follow the path where Allah pleases me and refrain from the path where Allah is displeased.

In a recent interview, Kubra khan revealed many secrets about his personal life, saying that I could get 50 awards today but these awards have no importance in front of God, and perhaps because of that thought I realized. On death, I do not want to be afraid to go before my Lord.

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