Katy Perry performs for the first time in Mumbai


Katy Perry performs for the first time in Mumbai

Katy Perry performs for the first time in Mumbai |India is looking very happy for the first time in Mumbai, India’s largest city, by Katy Perry and British singer Dua Lipa, the world-renowned American singer in terms of bold performances. Both singers, along with other singers, performed brilliant semi-nude performances at a stadium in the capital of Maharashtra and the film capital of India. It was the first time that the two actors had attended a music festival together in Mumbai.

Although Katy Perry had performed briefly in India before, she performed for the first time at a very large music concert in Mumbai. Both singers performed on the night of November 16 at a music concert organized by ‘OnePlus’ mobile company. Some Indian singers and musicians, including Dua Lipa and Katy Perry, along with other Indian singers also performed, but the bold performances of the American and British singers all went crazy.

While both singers returned to the concert with bold performances, Bollywood’s biggest stars also appeared eager to meet the two singers. Katy Perry and Dua Lipa met several Bollywood personalities during their first music tour in Mumbai and shared photos on Bollywood stars with their social media accounts. On the other hand, India Times reported in its report that Katy Perry’s failure to cooperate with the airport staff on the return after a music concert also angered her fans. The newspaper said in its report that Katy Perry did not show her passport to the airport authorities on return, while the airport authorities showed her waiting for the passport. The newspaper also posted a video in which Katy Perry can be seen at the Mumbai airport with her staff members. As can be seen in the video, airport security officials are asking Katy Perry to show her passport, but the singer did not listen to any of them and crossed the security boundary without any care. Indian fans were unhappy with Katy Perry for not honoring airport officials and not showing her passport and accused her of insulting the Indians.