Iran frees the Australian couple


Iran frees the Australian couple

Iran frees the Australian couple | Iran frees the abducted Australian couple after three months.
Iran has released a British-born Australian blogger and her husband after three months in prison for spying.

According to a report by a foreign news agency AP, the couple has now returned to Australia after all the allegations against Iran.
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He thanked them for their safety efforts to release the Australian government.
Iran, on the other hand, has not released any details about the release of the Australian couple nor have they been released.

The Australian couple was held in Iranian prisons in the Iranian capital of Tehran, where they were detained for three months on charges of flying unlicensed drones.
The Australian couple traveled to the world and especially to South Asia two years ago and have been posting travel tips on their Instagram and YouTube accounts, but Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan have been reported missing on social media were done.

Iran said in a statement in July this year that a couple from Australia had been detained. Australian Foreign Minister Mrs. Penn said the government was engaged in efforts to bring back the third Australian, but their case was a bit complicated.
It is understood that Morrie Gilbert, a university lecturer at the University of Melbourne, was arrested in Iran in October 2018.
Foreign Minister Mary Pan said she was arrested at a certain time and faces Iranian legal systems where she has been sentenced after the operation, but the government refuses to acknowledge the charges of espionage. what’s this.

Requesting media attention after arriving in Australia, the couple said in their statement: “We know that fellow Australians, including those in Iran, have also been arrested and are not helping to release critical media attention. General Chat Chat Lounge will get.

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