Introduces a new imaging system for better diagnosis of breast cancer


Introduces a new imaging system for better diagnosis of breast cancer

Introduces a new imaging system for a better diagnosis of breast cancer! Despite the latest technology, identifying breast cancer is still a difficult process, but to improve it, US scientists have created a new system in which new technology is being used. Experts at the University of Buffalo have created a small, fast, and effective device they call a “dual-scan demo scope.” The main thing is that it goes inside the depths of solid tissues and portrays it. Scientists at the university created it in collaboration with the Roselle Park Cancer Center and Wind Song Radiology.

Jin Xiao, a senior scientist working on it, says that it uses both light and ultrasound. It is expected to improve the identification of the disease and help save lives. Although mammograms are still the most effective tool for diagnosing breast cancer, traditional mammograms are not effective at depressing women and remain unaffected by internal organs or sore throats.

Another method is MRI, in which certain chemicals are inserted and their color is seen, but in many patients, the chemical causes distress and allergy. On the contrary, the Dual Scan Memo Scope can be very effective. It acts like a mammogram but does not force the breast to pull too much. This test is free of all types of radiation signals and combines sound waves and light waves to create an image. In science, this process is called ‘photoacoustic tomography’.

It has been tested on some women whose breasts were more solid and larger than usual and their imagery has achieved considerable success but is still being tested extensively.

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