Indonesia blames religious scholar for flogged on illicit relations


Indonesia blames religious scholar for flogged  on illicit relations

Indonesia blames religious scholar for flogged on illicit relations! A religious scholar and a married woman have been flogged for committing illicit relations in Indonesia.

According to the International Broadcasting Agency BBC, 46-year-old Makhlous bin Mohammed, affiliated with the Aceh Ulema Council, who is making laws against ‘illicit relations’ in Indonesia, was forced by his organization’s law to have sex with a married woman. Under 28, the woman was beaten while 23 were beaten.

Both sexually harassed the presence of hundreds of citizens in Aachen under Sharia laws that were enacted in 2005 in order to curb sex and discourage crime. Sincerely Bin Mohammed has been dismissed from the council on the most severe offense.

It should be noted that Indonesia’s most conservative region has strict Islamic laws in place, here in 2014 more stringent laws have been enacted, which have suggested that 83, 83 beating whites on homosexuality and non-marital relations. The punishment for hiring and gambling is also usually flogging.

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