Indian Man Gets Two Life Sentences For Murdering His Wife With Cobra



Indian Man Gets Two Life Sentences For Murdering His Wife With Cobra

Murdering His Wife With Cobra

An Indian person who committed murder using a viper and a cobra to kill his wife has been sentenced viper to kill his wife was handed the death penalty twice in what authorities have described as”the “rarest of rare” cases.

Sooraj Kumar, 28, released a highly poisonous Russell’s viper snake wife, Uthra, that put her in hospital for more than two months, the prosecutors of south Kerala state have said.

When she recovered from her parent’s home, He snatched a cobra at the hands of a snake handler and threw it at his asleep wife. The poisonous bite that it received killed the woman, who was 25 years old, in May of 2020.

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Kumar was detained at his residence in the year 2000 after the parents of Uthra raised concerns about him, saying they were being targeted to obtain dowry. The woman’s parents claimed Kumar attempted to take over her property following the loss of her husband.

On Monday, Kerala’s Kollam district court found Kumar accountable for poisoning and killing his wife and attempting to kill his wife using Russell’s viper.

Judge Manoj sentenced the convict on Wednesday to two life sentences consecutively. However, according to local media reports, he disagreed with the defense’s request for capital punishment based on his age and his potential to change his ways.

“Diabolic plan”
Kumar has not pleaded guilty, but police claimed that his phone records indicated his contact with snake handlers and seen snake videos on the internet before the killing in March this month in Kollam.

According to the prosecution, Kumar was in that room Uthra when the snake bit her and was going about his routine the following day until his mother called him.

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“The mode of execution and the diabolic plan of the accused to murder Uthra, his wife who was bedridden, makes it [the case] fall into the category of rarest of rare,” said the public prosecutor who sought to impose the death penalty.

A snake’s handler Vava Suresh claimed it could be possible that Kumar might have “inflicted pain on the reptile to provoke it to bite,” according to the Hindustan Times newspaper quoted him as saying.

Uthra was from a wealthy family, but her husband, a banker, wasn’t rich. Their wedding was a huge wedding dowry that included a new car and 500 thousand rupees (about $6,640).

The Indian Supreme Court recently warned about the increasing number of murders by snakebites when it refused the bail of a lady and the “lover” accused of using cobras to murder her mother-in-law in Rajasthan’s northwestern state year 2019.

The main challenge in this Kerala instance was the need to establish that the bite was homicidal prosecution lawyer G Mohanraj said, adding that the court was provided with a study that demonstrated the distinction between natural bite marks and those caused by markings.