Imran Khan’s U-turn After Praising Taliban And Defending Joe Biden


Imran Khan’s U-turn After Praising Taliban And Defending Joe Biden

Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Sunday criticizes the United States government over its policies in Afghanistan and applauded the Taliban for waging “jihad” to fight foreign troops.
However, he later retracted his remarks shortly afterward and defended US Biden as President Joe Biden, saying he faced “unfair criticism” about his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

In an interview, Imran Khan claimed that there was a lot of negative criticism unfairly directed at president Biden and that his actions were the best way to go about it.

Imran Khan’s U-turn

Imran Khan’s defense of Biden’s presidency Biden is a month after he blamed the US for relying on Pakistan to “clean up the mess” left in Afghanistan.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan defended US President Joe Biden’s decision to approve the bungled withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and insisted that it was the “sensible” move, and Biden was “unfairly attacked” for the decision. “There was a lot of unfair criticism of Biden’s presidency. Biden and his decision was the best option,” Khan told a Russian news channel on 17 September.
Khan’s defense for his fellow American President comes just a month after criticizing the US for relying on Pakistan to “clean up the mess” it left to Afghanistan. “Pakistan is only thought of to be helpful as a means of getting this mess out of the way that was leftover following 20 years searching for the solution through military force that didn’t exist,” Khan told reporters in Islamabad at the beginning of August, before Kabul was seized by the Taliban.

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Khan has also voiced doubts about the future plans of America in Afghanistan as he was not sure whether the nation has a clear policy regarding how to handle an engulfed country Dawn published on Sunday. Khan also called for the US to join in efforts to aid refugees, highlighting the crucial role that the country must take on after having been stuck in Afghanistan for over 20 years.

About Afghanistan, Khan said that there would be “far-reaching implications for refugees.” Dawn reported that Khan also denied the notion that Islamabad was an ally of the Taliban in the battle against US troops.

“If we believe that this is the case, then it implies that Pakistan is more powerful over the US and the rest of Europeans,” he said.

On the other hand, He emphasized that Pakistan has paid a “very high cost” for collaborating in the direction of the US in the occupation of Afghanistan and said that the idea of hearing American politicians accuse Islamabad of its shameful retreat is a sour note.

Khan expressed his anger at American officials who blamed Islamabad to divide blame for the US failings in Afghanistan.

Khan, himself, has also been vocal in his criticism of Biden’s decision to withdraw troops off Afghan territory. When he spoke to The New York Times in the middle of June, he attributed American withdrawal to reducing the influence Pakistan could exert on the Taliban. “Given there was a time when the United States gave a date of withdrawal, and from then onwards, we lost our power over the Taliban. This is because when you know that the United States gave a date of departure that the Taliban generally declared victory. They think they have won the battle. Therefore our power to influence them decreases the more they feel confident,” Khan alleged.

Biden has come under harsh criticism from politicians of the opposition in his home country and the international community. Biden described the pullout as “hasty” and expressed concern about the Taliban’s newfound credibility after the failed US withdrawal on the 31.