Huawei sales increase despite US sanctions


Huawei sales increase despite US sanctions

Huawei sales increase despite US sanctions | Huawei, a Chinese company that faced various sanctions due to the trade war between the United States and China, did no good, and from January to September, the company sold 185 million phones worldwide. That’s up 26% from the same period last year. Revenue during this period was $ 1 billion, up 24.4 percent over the same period last year, according to the company’s statement, while the company itself reported $ 10 billion in revenue a few months ago. Has the US Department of Commerce predicted billions of dollars? During this period, Huawei signed 60 trade agreements to supply 5G network devices worldwide, the statement added.

It should be noted that US President Donald Trump blacklisted Huawei in May this year through an executive order for which the company’s alleged links with the Chinese government were kept. However, the US government has now decided to issue a license to Huawei’s business, pointing to easing sanctions. But this restriction has affected the company’s new flagship Mate 30 series phones, which are missing from Google apps, while the Android operating system is also open source, which is expected to affect the sales of this phone. Huawei is pleased to announce that Apple intends to become the world’s second-largest smartphone sales company in 2018 and plans to overtake Samsung in 2019 but currently does not have a US ban. He said that Huawei was not fully prepared for it when it was blacklisted by the United States, and in the first two weeks after the ban, smartphone sales dropped 40%, which Because of this they are worried about the operating system. I was worried. However, he said, Now the company has succeeded in ending its US dependency on its key product. According to him, blacklisting Huawei was an attempt to keep the American company out of modern technology.

The company is not a security threat to the United States. We have no network in the United States, nor do we want to sell our 5G products there, Trump has nothing against us, he said. He said Huawei’s ban would hurt the United States more, especially about the FIVE G connection, “even if they have supercomputer and super latch capacitive connectivity if the United States needs fast connectivity. Is. If you do, America will suffer. Huawei’s closure is the beginning of US withdrawal, he said.

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