Huawei likely to ease US sanctions


Huawei likely to ease US sanctions

Huawei likely to ease the US sanctions | Chinese company Huaqot has been experiencing difficulties for a few months due to US-bound books, but it is soon to be reported.

The New York Times said in a report that the Trump administration is ready to issue licenses to some US companies after which they will be able to sell non-sensitive equipment to a Chinese company. The report says the license was decided by US President Donald Trump at a meeting last week. According to the report, the issuance of a license to trade with Huawei will allow companies to do business despite a Chinese company being banned in May this year.

In August this year, more than 130 applications for sales of American products were submitted to the US Department of Commerce by US companies.

Earlier in June, the Trump administration had said that some companies would be allowed to trade under a license with a Chinese company, but the license had not yet been issued. That’s why Google Apps was not available on Huawei’s new flagship Mate 30 series phones because Google Apps requires a license, but the US company’s ban on the Chinese company did not issue that license.

US President Donald Trump blacklisted Huawei in an executive order in May this year and ordered American companies to cut business ties with Huawei. However, after a full suspension of the ban, the Chinese company was issued a temporary license for 90 days, which allowed Huawei to update its Android phones.

The temporary license expired on August 19, but US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Roosh once again spoke to Fox Business and announced the issuance of a temporary license for 90 days, which expires November 19.

Despite the restrictions, US sanctions on Huawei are causing various problems as several major technology companies have cut ties with the Chinese company, which has limited access to key software and components.

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