Hrithik Roshan salute the world’s youngest democracy


Hrithik Roshan salute the world’s youngest democracy

Hrithik Roshan salutes the world’s youngest democracy! Controversial anti-Muslim citizenship bill in India has led to protests in several cities, while students from Jamia Islamia in Delhi also staged protests against the controversial bill, during which intense clashes between police and students led to police violence. Targeted.

After the public in India, movie stars also became part of the protest against the controversial citizenship law. Someone who reached out to the protest expressed his solidarity with the protesters through a message on social media.

In each tweet, Hrithik Roshan expressed concern over police violence against students protesting and wrote that they greet young people who are calling for the truth.

Actress Parineeti Chopra condemned the voice of students and citizens for their freedom of expression and said that will citizens be subjected to barbarism if they present their views? We should pass a bill and not call our country a more democratic country.

Bhumi Pandikar also voiced his concern over the violence against students, saying that violence can never improve the country. We are a democracy and we have the right to exercise our basic rights properly. Whatever the students endured, it shook me.

Actor Ritesh Desh Mukh also expressed his solidarity with the students and said that the thing that can improve our country is that every voice should be heard should be one voice in thousands. I do not support violence of any kind. Students did not deserve this police behavior.

Actress Diya Mirza also tweeted solidarity with the students of the university and condemned the brutal violence committed by the police on the peace-loving students.