How many fake paintings were sold to Prince Charles?


How many fake paintings were sold to Prince Charles?

Attachment to paintings has been the hallmark of the British royal family for centuries, and Prince Charles himself is a painter, but recently a counterfeit sold him forged paintings of the world’s greatest painters, which led to his disdain.

Tony Teatro, who claims he made these fake paintings and sold them to James Stunt. Photo: The art market is worth 104 million British pounds worth of fake paintings made by the legendary French artist Picasso. According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, Prince Charles’s staff purchased the photos from a bankrupt businessman James Stunt.

A copy of the French artist Picasso’s Water Lily painting, which was sold to the Charles Foundation. Photo: Art MarketAmerican counterfeiter Tony Tetro, who has already served six months in prison for fraud, claims that he made the paintings of Avison Picasso at the Dumfries House and then sold them to James Stunt. In addition, Jameis bought eleven paintings from them, he said

“You can impress your guests by putting my photos in your homes and offices, but they can’t pass the certification test,” said Tetro.

Tetro said his photos could not pass the certification test. Photo: When the paintings were sold to the Prince Charles Foundation for the art market, Tony said, “I don’t want to be a part of it. It should all end now. There is no doubt that James knew I had made these pictures. ‘

James, however, claimed that none of his paintings were fake. Jimenez has also previously sold several paintings to the Prince Charles Foundation, which have been investigated.

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