Home remedies for blackheads


Home remedies for blackheads

Well, at any age you may have a problem with blackheads, but in adolescence and adolescence, this problem is often encountered by young people. Caused by the accumulation of soil and dead cells in the [root gland pit].

Factors such as hormonal changes in the body, excessive use of cosmetic products, improper skin care, studies, and genetics can be the main causes of this problem. They can also appear on the neck, arms, and shoulders, and if not treated regularly, they can spread to the whole body in pandemic form. While there are many types of treatments available in the market for blackheads, many types of medicines, creams, lotions, etc. are available in the market, but the best treatments are homemade recipes containing natural ingredients on many of the ingredients in your kitchen. Contains and can easily be manufactured at home and with these you can treat Black Heads within a few days.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very effective remedy for blackheads and acne. It is extremely effective in cleansing the skin with dead skin and dirt.

• Mix two tablespoons of baking soda and mineral water thoroughly and make a paste. Apply this paste to the affected area and gently massage it.

• Let this mask dry for a while before washing.

• Rehash this methodology on more than one occasion per week

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is used to treat acne, but it has also been very effective in eliminating blackheads. Vitamins and nutrients in lemon juice are very beneficial for all skin types.

• Put a few drops of pure honey on half-sliced ??lemons and slowly mix these lemons on your face, especially in areas where there is a higher chance of blackheads. Wash the face after ten minutes. Repeat twice a week. In addition, you can make lemon juice in milk or sorghum roses and make a face cleanser and use it several times a week for facial cleansing.

• Mix one teaspoon of dried leaves of green tea with a little water and make a paste.

• Apply this paste to the affected area for two to three minutes. In case of greasy skin, just mix it with the affected area for a long time.

• Wash the face with lukewarm water.

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