Home Minister orders shoot on Muslims


Home Minister orders shoot on Muslims

Home Minister orders shoot on Muslims|Home Minister orders Muslims to shoot Indian police officer’s video statement revealed. Home Minister orders Babar, Humayun and Aurangzeb’s descendants Muslims to shoot, whoever throws a stone at the police officer will be shot: Police Officer Rakesh Tyagi. An Indian police officer has revealed in a video statement that the Home Minister orders that Muslims be shot. Video of police officer Rakesh Tyagi wearing a police uniform comes out saying he is ordering Home Minister to shoot the children Muslims of Babar, Humayun, and Aurangzeb. Rakesh Tyagi added that anyone who threw a stone at the policeman would be shot.

The police officer said that if a brick was thrown at him or any of his officers, he would not answer it with a brick but would shoot and make a ram monkey from that brick. Secondly, Saudi Arabia has also decided to bring up the controversial Indian citizenship law at the OIC meeting in Islamabad in April. It should be noted that after Kuala Lumpur, Saudi Arabia has announced the activation of the OIC. Saudi Arabia plans to make the OIC functional. According to sources, Saudi Arabia has announced to convene an Islamic summit on the Kashmir issue. Saudi Arabia has decided to convene an important meeting on the Kashmir issue in Islamabad. Saudi Arabia has assured that key Islamic countries, including Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will attend the meeting. The meeting will be convened on the Foreign Minister’s line, in which the current bill on Indian curfew and citizenship in occupied Kashmir will be brought under discussion. Important Islamic countries, including Bahrain, Turkey, Indonesia, will attend the meeting.

The meeting will be called in Pakistan in April. According to sources, the meeting will be convened by Saudi Arabia and will be held in Islamabad. The meeting will discuss the protection of Muslims. It should be remembered that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC had expressed concern over the laws of Indian citizenship.

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