Hollywood best action thriller movies on netflix


Best action thriller movies on netflix

Action thriller and si-fi movies ,we can see it. Some of the best action thriller movies on Netflix that you can watch now:

  1. Extraction (2020) – A mercenary is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime lord in Bangladesh.
  2. The Old Guard (2020) – A group of immortal mercenaries fight to protect their secret from those who want to exploit their powers.
  3. Triple Frontier (2019) – A group of former special forces operatives plan a heist on a drug lord’s hidden fortune in South America.
  4. The Equalizer 2 (2018) – Robert McCall, a retired CIA operative, seeks vengeance for his friend’s murder while also helping others in need.
  5. Point Blank (2019) – An ER nurse and a career criminal team up to save the nurse’s pregnant wife from a dangerous gang.
  6. 6 Underground (2019) – Six individuals with unique skills come together to take down notorious criminals and tyrants.
  7. Polar (2019) – A retired hitman is targeted by his former employer and must fight to survive.
  8. The Accountant (2016) – A high-functioning autistic accountant becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving organized crime and the U.S. Treasury.

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