Henri ,Northeast U.S. Drenches With A Slow Moving Strom


Henri Drenches With A Slow Moving Strom


Henri, a tropical storm system, brought heavy rain and winds to the Northeast U.S.A. when it began pummeling New England’s coast on Sunday morning.


 A Slow Moving Strom

As Tropical Storm Henri made landfall on Sunday, the Northeast was hit hard by strong winds. It also sent rain waves westward. This knocked out power to more than 140,000 homes.


Although the storm was no longer a hurricane when it reached New England, many were relieved to hear that it had been downgraded to a tropical storm before going to the area. However, the National Hurricane Center warned that the storm would continue to dump heavy rains across large swathes of the region long after the weekend.


Two days of heavy, sustained rains in the southwest flooded New Jersey and New York. It even reached tropical depression status.


Overnight, the storm was expected to stall at the New York-Connecticut border. However, it quickly turned east and moved out towards the Atlantic Ocean Monday. The inland areas were likely to see the most precipitation. Early reports did not indicate any significant damage to the coast from wind or waves.


On Sunday, President Joe Biden promised federal assistance to those in need. President Joe Biden declared many disasters in the region, which opened the door for federal aid.


Biden had earlier offered his condolences for the people of Tennessee after severe flooding caused by an unrelated storm left at least 22 people dead, including children and seniors, and left many others missing.



Although major airports throughout the region were open, hundreds of Sunday flights were canceled. Amtrak service between New York City and Boston was also suspended on Sunday for some branches of New York City’s commuter rail system.


Power outages caused power loss to 130,000 homes in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.


Connecticut’s largest electric utility claimed it had restored 20,000 customers, but thousands such as Linda Orlomoski, who lives in Canterbury, remained without power.


“I haven’t seen any trucks in my neighborhood, but the other end of my street had their power restored before six p.m. She said, “So close yet so far!” It’s expected to heat up and become humid on Tuesday. If we don’t have power by then, it will be awful.”

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According to the National Hurricane Center, Henri sustained winds of around 60 mph and gusts up to 70 mph when it reached Westerly, Rhode Island.


Henri was moving across Connecticut towards New York at 30 mph by late Sunday.



The storm’s center was not far away from the worst of the rain. Around 200 people fled Helmetta, New Jersey, to seek higher ground. They stayed with friends or in hotels as floodwaters inundated their homes.


Christopher Slavicek said that it happened so quickly — in the blink of an eye.” His parents had fled their home and were now spending the night with Christopher Slavicek.